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For the Best Breakfast in Decatur visit our newest location at Avondale Estates. Check out our all day breakfast menu.

Kafenio Avondale Estates Breakfast Menu



Breakfast Specialties



Yogurt and Granola

French toast...challah, cinnamon vanilla egg batter 

Breakfast plate...2 eggs scrambled, bacon or sausage, hashbrowns or grits, biscuit or pita toast 

The Bowl... grits or hashbrowns, fried egg, sausage or bacon, red onion, tomato, cheddar 

Vegan Bowl(V)...hashbrowns, tofu scramble, spinach, bell pepper, red onion, tomato  (add cheddar) 



grits or hashbrowns and biscuit or pita


The Meat Eater...bacon, sausage, gyro, cheddar- 3 eggs 

The Greek...gyro meat, feta, tomato, 3 eggs 

The SFC...spinach, feta, grilled chicken, 3 eggs 

The Veggie...spinach, tomato, onion, bell pepper, cheddar-3 eggs 

Build your own-...

Breakfast Sandwiches

choice of bagel, biscuit, pita toast


Zeus... fried egg, bacon, cream cheese, romaine-tomato

Aphrodite...grilled chicken, egg, cheddar cheese 

Hera...fried egg, sausage, feta spread 

Apollo...scrambled egg, cheddar, tomato

Athena...Pita wrap, scrambled egg, spinach, bell pepper, tomato, feta

Demeter(V)...Pita wrap, tofu scramble, spinach, bell pepper, tomato 


2 eggs (any style) 

grits, with or w/o cheese 


bacon or sausage or chicken sausage 

biscuit or pita toast 

bagel(plain or everything)cream cheese/feta spread/hummus 



Variety of cakes and pies

freshly baked croissant (chocolate,classic)



Coffee Menu


Coffee, sm/lg

Bottomless cup coffee 

Cafe au-lait, sm/lg 

Iced coffee, sm/lg 




Double espresso...double shot espresso  (hot or iced) triple or double espresso over hot water 

Cortadito...double espresso-2 oz steamed milk-raw sugar 

Cappuccino...double espresso-4 oz steamed milk 

Latte, sm/lg (hot or iced) triple or double espresso-steamed milk 


Make it a mocha, caramel or Sue bee latte 

whole, skim, breve, soy or almond milk

add a flavor shot, (vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry, pumpkin spice) 

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